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A cat at home - what and how to prepare

13 June 2021

The decision to take a cat home is a very serious matter. Big, small, long- or short-haired - it will always require commitment and attention. Therefore, it is worth spending some time to prepare for the moment when the pet arrives at home.

Affection and attention

A common saying that a cat goes its own way influences the often repeated opinion that it is an undemanding animal. Nothing more misleading. Of course, with a cat you don't have to walk, nevertheless it is a living and, above all, sentient being that needs tenderness and love. Cats are sociable, so to make them feel good in our house, it is necessary to devote them time and due attention.

Equipment in the house

Before a cat appears in our house, it is necessary to properly prepare the space in which it will live. It is good to start with separating a few basic, cat's spaces.

  1. In the first of them, there should be bowls for fresh water and food. This place should be constant and chosen in such a way that the cat feels safe while eating or drinking. While discussing the topic of food, it's also worth considering the cat's diet, because the choice of food for the cat is not easy and requires some knowledge. So it's good to refer to the literature or talk to the vet to help you make a final decision.
  2. Another thing is the litter box. It should be placed in a quiet place, but also in such a way that it wouldn't disturb other people in the house, but also to have an easy access to it, because the litter box needs to be cleaned regularly and quite often.
  3. The next issue is a comfortable bed for a cat. Cats sleep most of the day, so a comfortable bed is very important for them. It must be in a quiet place and provide some kind of isolation. This will result in a deeper, calmer and therefore healthier sleep.
  4. A place to play is another important point in the house where the cat should move in. Nowadays, there are many proposals of different types of scratchers on the market, so it's easy to choose the size and the model fitting the interior. Such equipment at home will allow the cat on the one hand to sharpen its claws, and on the other to climb and jump.

Taking a cat home is no small challenge. It requires a lot of work and time. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that it is an effort which is absolutely worthwhile, as every cat owner will confirm. It's also proven by scientists, who discovered a long time ago that it's worth having a cat at home. Why? Because they have a relaxing effect, improve your mood and support your health.