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How to prepare your dog for spring walks?

14 June 2021

Winter is passing into oblivion, the day is getting longer and the temperature is getting higher, this is a sign that spring is coming. This is the most awaited time of the year, during which everything comes to life. Spring is the perfect time to go with your pet for longer walks in the forest or park. Movement in fresh air is good for both the dog and its owner. A breath of fresh air will give positive energy and make everyone feel happier.

How do dogs react to the arrival of spring?

The time of year doesn't matter much to most dogs. Their carefree nature and zest for life make any time a great time to play and explore the world around them. The arrival of spring, however, provides more opportunities for fun, because you and your dog can go wild outdoors together. A walk during sunny and warmer day is definitely more pleasant and can be diversified with a play in the park. However, it is worth remembering that our four-legged pets can also be lazy after the winter and their muscles are stagnant. It is important to remember to prepare your dog for the increased exertion.

What should you take with you on a spring walk with your dog?

The basic equipment without which you cannot go for a walk is a collar, leash or harness. If you're walking on a busy street, a shorter leash will keep your pet safe. If you want to play in the park, a longer leash will be more practical. If you want to train your pet, a harness that fits properly is best. They distribute the weight of pulling and tugging on the whole body, thanks to which we can be sure that we won't hurt it. Other walking accessories for your dog is a muzzle, which does not always mean that the dog is aggressive. It provides safety and prevents the pet from looking into the garbage and excrement of other animals. A well-chosen muzzle does not interfere with the dog and does not make it difficult to move its head.

What should a walk with a dog look like?

Remember that walking your dog is not only a short walk around the block. Each walk is a reward for your dog and is the most important form of physical and mental activity for him. When going out for a walk with your dog, focus on your pet, put away your phone and give it your complete attention. An appropriate walk should be tailored to the needs and abilities of your pet. All his motor needs should be met, which will provide him with comfort and emotional stability.