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Interactive cat toys - do you need them?

10 June 2021

Cats are animals that love to walk their own paths and spend time alone. On the other hand, they love to have fun. They will be perfectly entertained by interactive toys. These accessories will teach them the connection between cause and effect and fight boredom.

Interactive toys for cats - pet development

In addition to providing adequate food and safety, cats need to be entertained. Play creates the perfect conditions for the development of the cat's senses, skills and intelligence. It's a good idea to opt for interactive cat toys. They are fun and satisfy their instincts, especially since hunting is in the cat's nature. Although these animals do not have to get food on their own, the hunting instinct influences this type of behavior. Before buying a toy, it's a good idea to find out what style of hunting your kitten prefers. Some like to chase escaping objects, others like to lurk for prey, and still others like to scour the territory in search of it. That's why it's quite a challenge to choose the right toy, which will perfectly affect the animal's development. The hunting instinct will be perfectly influenced by the battery-powered toy, as well as hiding places, tunnels, high scratching posts where the prey is hidden, mazes or balls training to patiently retrieve the treat.

Interactive toys for cats - what can their absence lead to?

It's a huge mistake to try to teach your cat to hunt. Preventing him from natural expression results in frustration and boredom. It can even lead to the development of behavioral disorders. These, in turn, may manifest themselves in undesirable behaviors, such as destroying home furnishings or defecating outside the litter box. Interactive toys for cats are an excellent way to relieve stress which is a frequent cause of aggression among these animals. By influencing them with appropriate toys, you will avoid many related unwanted behaviors. Interactive play requires the cat to move, which will be a perfect counterbalance to hours of sleep. Low physical activity is associated with a risk of developing health disorders and may contribute to overweight. Such toys, by stimulating cognitive abilities, prevent the appearance of such disorders in aged pets.

Interactive toys for cats - a way to overcome loneliness

Interactive toys are a great way to get bored when the owner doesn't have enough time for his pet. Despite the fact that cats are loners by nature, they love attention. This type of toys requires a lot of attention and time, so the animal will tolerate lonely moments in the absence of the owner more gently. It should be remembered, however, that even numerous accessories cannot replace the time spent with the beloved owner. There are few things they enjoy as much as interactions with humans.