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How to feed your pet properly?

11 June 2021

Food has many functions - it provides energy and nutrients, but it is also a way to show affection and a source of fun. We want to bestow each of these elements upon our beloved pets! So what should you pay attention to in order to make sure that food for your dog is nutritious and supports his body in every aspect?

Four-legged dogs are full members of our families. We love them and we are incredibly close to them, but at the same time, we differ a lot. The area of differences mentioned here is definitely the diet - dogs should not eat what is on our menu. They have different nutritional needs, and their digestive system might not be able to cope with all our treats. So let's opt for foods that are created specifically for them.

Why? They contain ingredients prepared in the most beneficial form for them, which is connected to the level of digestibility of a given food. What's more, they are balanced and complete - the macro- and micro-ingredients they contain meet the needs of animals both in terms of quantity and the right proportions between them. Are we able to prepare our dog's food so precisely by ourselves? Well, maybe yes, but it would require a lot of knowledge and a lot of time that could be spent on fulfilling other needs of our pet - playing together, cuddling, long walks.

Food for dogs - the basics under a magnifying glass

What is important is that proper nutrition is not only the composition and form of meals. Of course, these are the basics, but you shouldn't forget about meal times or the number of meals that are adapted to your dog's needs. Here is some basic knowledge about dog food:

  • Food for a dog is usually given two to three times a day - we are talking about a pet that is about 7 months old, because initially the puppy eats up to 4-6 meals a day, gradually moving to a lower frequency.
  • It's best that the dog's meals - if we use the scheme of two a day - were given in the morning and evening at fairly constant times. Their size should also be similar.
  • We shouldn't feed dogs before the walk or other physical activity. It's harmful for digestion process, which should take place in the greatest calmness - so let's serve food for dog at least 15 minutes after returning from mentioned walk. Our darling will have a moment to rest, and we'll prepare his favourite food in no hurry.
  • When choosing food, pay attention to the size of your dog. Some producers adjust dog food to particular size of a dog, for example PERFECT FIT™ food. Why is it important? Firstly, organisms of small pets (weighing up to 10 kg) have slightly different needs than those of large dogs. Secondly, granules for smaller dogs are also proportionally smaller. This means that our pets can enjoy the taste with great comfort - so that the meal doesn't involve unnecessary effort!
  • Remember, whether you decide to give your dog wet or dry food, he must have constant access to fresh and clean water.
  • What can't be left out either? The aforementioned fun - dog food can be a great source of it! It can be a reward during common exercises or can be an element of fun, during which it is great to use, for example, sniffing mats - they will awake in your pet a sense of a tracker and will make a gleam of a conqueror appear in his eye. There is nothing more valuable than this sparkle, so let it appear as often as possible!