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What to do when the dog does not want to eat?

16 April 2021

It's not only humans who are bad eaters - our pets also have the right to be lethargic, depressed, have a bad day or a poor appetite. However, if the dog has problems with eating unexpectedly or for a longer period of time, it's worth to think what could be wrong! Very many dog owners come to the vet with the problem of lack of appetite in their pet - what can it be caused by?

Dog doesn't want to eat

Every animal has a right to be weak, but lack of appetite is rather rare in dogs. Of course, the reasons may be trivial, but it can also be a sign of a developing, serious disease. That's why you should observe your pet and report to the vet as soon as something worries you. And the persistence of lack of appetite is certainly something that should worry.

Dog doesn't want to eat dry food

Not wanting to eat dry food isn't necessarily a sign of illness - and it certainly isn't if your dog eats other types of food. Dry food isn't to everyone's taste and it's certainly necessary to have fresh water with which to drink it. Puppies first drink milk and must gradually get used to eating dry food. But if the dog is already large, and has not eaten dry food so far, the process of getting him used to it can be much longer. It's not impossible, of course, but it requires patience - but it doesn't mean illness for sure.

doesn't want to eat food

Dog doesn't want to eat and is lethargic

If the dog doesn't want to eat and, what's more, you can see that it doesn't feel very well, it may mean more serious problems - health ones. Generally speaking, the lack of appetite in dogs is usually caused by the fact that they are picky eaters (they got used to the best morsels and they won't touch what they don't like), but it can also be a sign of bad mood. Therefore, dogs have no appetite for example after vaccination, or when they are left alone (for example, their owners go on vacation). There are also many other situations that can make the animal frightened and will need time to recover. Contrary to appearances, even a journey in the unknown - even with owners - can be very stressful for dogs.


There are many reasons which can cause lack of appetite in dog. Usually these are not too significant situations and eventually the animal will start eating - so usually there is nothing to worry about too much. The dog can be picky and hope for better morsels, or stress can make it not want to eat. After some time everything should pass - for example the pet throws himself on food as soon as he comes back from holidays (or his owners come back). But if the lack of appetite persists for a long time without a clear reason, it can indicate health problems - for example, a slight food poisoning, indigestion, or stomach or liver disease. So with all doubts it's worth to report to the vet early enough - he will advise best, as well as examine the pet. He will prevent thanks to that problems and will calm down the owner.