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What not to give your cat to eat?

19 March 2021

Cat nutrition is undoubtedly a river topic. Every owner of a furry friend at least once analyzed this topic in detail. For those who still do not have enough knowledge in this area, we dedicate this article. So what not to give your cat to eat? It is acceptable only wet cat food and dry food?

What does every cat need?

Before we answer the question - what products should not be eaten by the cat - it's worth considering what our furry friend really needs. His diet, as opposed to a human's, is not varied and diverse. Let's be honest - a cat is a carnivore. The base, the foundation and the absolute essence of its diet is therefore meat. Wild cats, which "arrange their own menu", feed mainly on mice and other rodents. What can you find in them? A piece of pure meat and offal - a mouse's heart, kidneys, intestines and other guts - as well as whatever the mouse has just eaten, like a piece of grass or wheat. The same way the diet of a domestic cat should be constructed, as well as wet food for cats.

Poor quality food

So what shouldn't you give your cat? First of all, poor quality food. Popular, widely advertised, market cat food in fact have nothing to do with healthy nutrition. They can only poison the cat or cause dangerous diseases and illnesses. It's worth betting only on high quality food. How to recognize them? As we mentioned earlier, your cat is a carnivore. It therefore needs food that consists primarily of meat. You should read the composition of each product and avoid those that contain a lot of cereals, vegetables, fruits and any unnecessary additives. A good wet cat food should have at least 20 percent meat in its composition... but of course, the more, the better.

Milk and milk products

Everyone has probably seen a fairy tale or knows a rhyme in which a cat was given milk. Filemon, Boniface, Tom, Sylvester, Garfield, Clapper and other cat heroes drank milk. However, it must be emphatically stated that milk must not be given to cats! Small cats of course drink their mother's milk. But with time, they switch to a meat diet and the enzyme responsible for lactose digestion disappears. As a result, milk can harm them rather than help. Such a meal will only end in an upset stomach and diarrhea. And we don't want that. The basis of the cat's diet should therefore be only wet cat food, dry food and clean water.