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What to give your pet for Christmas?

10 March 2021

Although giving gifts to pets may seem like overkill, many guardians buy their pets gifts every year. Shops offer many accessories and gadgets, which are not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye and entertaining for the pet. What to choose from among the many proposals and which accessories would your pet like to find under the Christmas tree?

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There's no doubt that rest is one of the most important parts of a dog's day. A relaxed pet is not only happy but also more willing to undertake various activities and integrate with its owner. Christmas is therefore a perfect occasion to buy him a new bed, ideally adjusted to his size, weight and breed.

In case of four-legged dogs, owners have many alternatives to choose from:

  • built-in beds, shaped like an igloo - These are ideal for medium-sized and small breeds; they give your pet a sense of security and allow him to warm up quickly;
  • couch-like beds with high side walls - these accessories are the best choice for large breeds that need a lot of space;

For cats, on the other hand, owners can choose from:

  • beds a'la hollow - they usually have two holes (one of them, slightly bigger is located in the front, while the other, smaller is located in the back) and function not only as a comfortable bed, but also as a hiding place;
  • woven beds made of cotton string - are an alternative for the fabric beds of this type; they are extremely comfortable and thanks to their construction provide the kittens with comfortable rest;


A gift in a form of a toy will appeal especially to those pets who like all kinds of activities and are always looking for an excuse to play with their owners. Online pet stores (e.g. such as, which often offer attractive discounts and dedicated discounts, stand out with their varied offer. However, it is worth paying special attention to quality - it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive toy that will survive more than a few encounters with dog's teeth or cat's claws.

Which gadgets will please a dog eager to play together?

  • Tug-of-war - tug-of-war is usually one of the dog's favourite pastimes, activating not only the dog but also the owner, that's why this type of accessory is perfect for very active and strong breeds; currently on the market there are not only corded tug-of-wars but also those with microfibre elements and tassels.
  • Kong - not only provides entertainment for long hours, but also enables him to calm down quickly; a toy to be filled with treats should be adjusted first of all to the dog's age and strength.

What gadgets will interest every purr?

  • Rustling tunnel - this gadget is a great opportunity to integrate the pet with its owner, who can activate the pet by "rustling" the tunnel; additional advantage of this product is the possibility to hide the pet.
  • Telescopic fishing rod - this accessory will interest even the laziest kitten; however, it is worth choosing those with a long reach and ending with colorful feathers.


There's a reason why Christmas gifts for pets are crowned with treats. Both cats and dogs love appetizing morsels, so it's worth adding something tasty to the package for your pets. Along with the taste, healthy composition should also go, so read the labels carefully and give your pet only what is nutritious and valuable.

These treats will love every dog:

  • cookies - not only are they extremely crunchy, but you can also get them in many flavor variants;
  • chews - are not only tasty but also support proper oral hygiene, including gums and teeth;

These treats are for every kitty:

  • paste - It is a source of vitamins closed in an unusual form! A huge advantage of the flavoured pastes is an intensive aroma, thanks to which the kittens eagerly eat them;
  • Dried meat morsels - Many cats love dried meat bites; snacks of this type come in various flavours (e.g. chicken with catnip, cod, beef);