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4 May 2021

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common allergy-based diseases that occur in dogs. This type of genetic disorder is not so easy to recognize, also the treatment is very difficult. It is influenced by various factors as well as the fact that the disease recurs very often. At the same time this disease is one of the most common allergic diseases in dogs.


In connection with atopic dermatitis, it can be stated that it appears from the third or sixth month of life, and the risk of occurrence persists even for six years of the pet's life. However, it usually happens that the first symptoms of the disease are visible between the first and third year of the pet's life. One of the most striking symptoms is certainly the tiring itching that accompanies the quadruped. In this case, the dog scratches almost obsessively, scratching really large amounts of hair and skin surface, and this in turn leads to the formation of wounds and bald spots within the body. If the epidermis is damaged, then a secondary bacterial infection can take place, and this in turn can cause purulent dermatitis. In addition, there may also be greasy seborrhea or discoloration within the coat.
There is so called atopic map, that is lesions which have their very typical location - it belongs to the head of the pet - eyes, lips, chin, ears, as well as belly, limbs and interdigital space. In addition, such sick pets very often start rubbing against furniture and licking the affected areas, including for example the neck or groin. Such symptoms accompanying atopic dermatitis tend to occur throughout the year in the same strong way. They can also change periodically. Often, if the disease has been going on for a long time, all these symptoms - skin changes or itching - start to accompany the pet practically all the time.


If we talk about dogs affected by atopic dermatitis (atopics), it's important to realize that some of them are also hypersensitive to allergens. And these allergens belong to several groups and types simultaneously. In such a case pets may show symptoms of allergy to house dust, flea bites, flea droppings or pollen. This is why it sometimes happens that atopic dermatitis is confused with food allergies.

treatment of dermatitis in dogs

How is atopy diagnosed?

It's very difficult to diagnose atopic dermatitis in pets, so it's all the more important for owners to closely observe their pets, paying full attention to how they behave - how intense the itching is or to know when the symptoms appear. Only after gathering accurate and complete information is it possible for a vet to eliminate other diseases and thus - to make a proper diagnosis. It's worth to realize that in case of diagnosis of atopic dermatitis we can talk about diagnosis by exclusion of the rest of diseases, because actually none of the symptoms of atopy as in fact is able to point directly to this disease. That's why a veterinarian must conduct a very detailed interview and study the medical history of the patient, and then juxtapose them with clinical symptoms, among which itching is the most common.
It is unfortunate that every year there are more and more dogs that suffer from this disease. In addition, the owners of such animals are not always able to realize that the pet suffers from the disease. And under the influence of this disease can also change its behavior. Exactly like a sick person - it can become irritable and not want to make contact - neither with household members, nor with other pets. In the end, such constant itching deprives the pet of all joy in life and affects everyday functioning - not only of the dog but of the whole family of carers as well.


Fortunately, on the market you can easily get medications that are both innovative and safe and are able to provide your pet with a comfortable life without persistent itching. In addition, to enhance their effect, the role of the dog owner is to eliminate all potential allergens from the pet's environment.


Do not forget the relief and help in treatment that special shampoos are able to provide. Shampoos that are specifically designed for this type of skin condition. It is really very worthwhile to take advantage of the extensive offer that is on the market and thus relieve the suffering of your pet.