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How to choose a harness for your dog?

3 March 2021

Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly popular among owners of pets on four legs. However, such harnesses have been used in dog sleds for centuries. They allow pulling heavy sleds.

How to choose a dog harness?

Dogs are animals that love walks and physical activity. However, both short walks and long hikes need to be comfortable for pets and their owners. Some dogs don't like traditional collars that restrict their movements and put extra pressure on their necks, causing pain. An alternative in such a case is a dog harness, which only needs to be adjusted to the size of the pet.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a dog harness? A harness gives your dog much more freedom. Their purchase is justified especially when the animal is restless during walks. Pulling hard on the leash exposes the dog to neck injury, and as a consequence, suffocation or even neck trauma. Using a harness does not expose your pet to such danger. They are placed on bigger parts of the body. They can be used during everyday walks as well as during travel by public transport. They are also perfect for when you plan to take your dog for a bike ride.

Types of dog harnesses

There are several types of dog harnesses available on the market. The most popular ones are:

  • walking harness - this is the most common and also the cheapest model for your pet. Before buying it is worth to choose the right size, so as to provide the greatest comfort to the dog. Some of them have various gadgets like decorative anklets or hearts;

  • sport suspenders - are made of high quality materials and are perfect for dogs that like to run with their owners. Within this group there are models adjusted to various activities, including pulling a sled;

  • car harnesses - ensure safe car ride for the pet. They have a special buckle that attaches to the car belt;

  • professional harness - chosen for dogs taking care of blind people and tracking dogs.

How to choose the right harness for dogs?

Walking with a dog wearing a harness is not complicated. However, first the animal should be accustomed to the new accessory. During first attempts a dog may feel uncomfortable and insecure in them. You should gradually teach your pet how to put on and take off the harness, because it is a bit longer process than in case of traditional leash. It is important that the harness is suitable for the weight and size of the dog, so before buying it, you should measure your pet, including its neck circumference at its widest point. While choosing the harness, it's also worth to pay attention to the quality of materials it's made of. They should not be too thick and made of stiff materials, which increase the risk of painful abrasions. It is also good if they dry easily after a walk on rainy days. It is good practice to attach to the harness a reflective badge and an address tag with the owner's data.

Dog harness advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of dog harnesses are that they are multifunctional and safer to wear. The dog feels more comfortable in them than on a traditional leash. The disadvantages include a slightly higher price and the need to choose the right size, which may be more time-consuming. However, we should remember that taking responsibility for our dog, we should take care of his comfort and well-being first of all.