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How do you tame a chameleon and pick it up?

26 March 2021

The most popular lizards in our terrariums are chameleons and agamas. It is possible to establish a bond with them, which will allow the animal to get used to us so much that it will willingly walk on our hand. We don't tame reptiles, but we do get them used to each other. We should not confuse these concepts, because if the lizard was several times bigger than us, then we would become its meal.

So how do you get a chameleon used to you? Everything really depends on the character of the lizard. Some of them will come out of the terrarium right away and visit the surrounding flowers with us, others will be skittish or even worse, will attack us. You have to work with a reptile and you should not stress it.

Check the behavior of the lizard on your hand

As long as you do not put your hand into the terrarium you will not know how the chameleon will react to it. To do this, open the terrarium gently and without any big and fast movements and then put one of your hands under its mouth. Calmly, not to make him bite you, but to verify if he can be taken in your hands. If the test shows that the animal reacts negatively to us. It tries to attack, you know that you've got a reptile with character, but don't worry. Such also can get used to each other. Here it is worth to support yourself with insects and take one in your hand, and then at a distance of about 20 cm hold it from the animal. If the chameleon eats from your hand, this is a step closer to taking it out of the terrarium.

How do I try to take the chameleon in my hand?

If you want to successfully pull the chameleon out of the terrarium you have to reach under its snout with one hand and distract it with the other. It will allow us to get under the animal's muzzle and then direct it deeper into our arms. It is necessary to put hands on him to go from one to another until he calms down. Repeat this action every day and when the lizard calms down put it on a flower by the window. Chameleons behave like a neighborhood watch. They love to observe what is going on around them. Knowing that by leaving the terrarium it can receive such a pleasure, surely when it sees you it will immediately go to the exit, seriously that's how it works.

How to reward the chameleon additionally?

Do not forget to provide him with the best possible living conditions. Stock up on wax moths in a terrarium shop, which will be a variety to his diet. Chameleons love them and only a sick person would not be tempted by this insect.

Personally, I recommend investing in a ficus benjamina, which will settle permanently on your windowsill. This plant is also used in chameleon terrariums because of the large number of sticks the lizard can climb on. Getting a chameleon used to you is not problematic. However, sometimes it requires more time. For some, it takes a few minutes for others a few months to tame their pet. If your pet is very shy, it may be due to its temperament or unsuitable living conditions. A terrarium shop can help you clear up any doubts.

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