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ABC of dog toys

24 March 2021

Properly selected dog toys stimulate your pet's abilities and contribute to its intellectual development. We would like to present our recommended accessories that your pet will certainly enjoy.

They provide intellectual stimulation, entertainment, satisfy the natural need to chew, bite and sometimes even chase. What are we talking about? Dog toys, of course. Currently, there are countless accessories of this kind available on the Polish market. However, not all toys are equal. As it turns out, not all types of such gadgets equally affect the development of your pet. So what kind of toys to choose?

A ball

A ball is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog toys. The accessories available on the market vary in hardness and size as well as the type of filling (or lack thereof). What should you consider when choosing a dog ball? First of all, its size should be taken into consideration as playing with a too-small ball poses a risk of swallowing it or choking, whereas holding a too-large toy in one's teeth may cause the pet considerable difficulties. No less important is the hardness of the gadget. It cannot be too soft, because then it will be quickly chewed.

A cuddly toy

If you think that plush cuddly toys will only work well for children, then you are very wrong. In fact, they are also loved by... dogs. Why? Because this type of toy has a calming effect on your pet and provides a feeling of security. But beware, not every mascot is suitable for a dog to play with. Classic cuddly toys have artificial filling that can be swallowed after chewing. That's why it's worth choosing cuddly toys created specifically with your pet's needs in mind. You can find plush toys for dogs at https://allegro.pl/kategoria/dla-psow-zabawki-90069, among others.

Educational toys

Educational dog toys, as their name suggests, are a combination of fun and learning. They stimulate intellectual development, improve various skills and positively influence our pet's memory. Pet store shelves are overflowing with such accessories. What kind of educational toys for dog should I choose? Some of the recommended products include Kongs, sliding puzzles, flip boards and olfactory mats.


Kongs are made of natural rubber, a material that is almost impossible to destroy. In practice, their shape is somewhat similar to that of a snowman. The toy perfectly satisfies the need to chew and contributes to the stimulation of the natural hunting instinct (after bouncing, it jumps in an unexpected direction). Additionally, it can be filled with our pet's favorite treats.

Sliding puzzle

This type of toys is equipped with movable elements that, when moved or lifted, allow the dog to get to the treat hidden inside. Dog puzzles vary in difficulty. Some of them will keep your dog entertained for several minutes, others for several hours. When choosing a puzzle for your dog, pay attention to the material it's made of. It may happen that your dog, not understanding the rules of the game, will want to get to the treat by force.

Flip board

Flip board is a kind of strategy game for your dog that involves retrieving a hidden treat. In practice, a flip board is a type of board with cavities, slider compartments, cones and other moving parts. It can therefore be said to be an expanded version of the dog puzzles described above. The flip board supports your dog's concentration and manual skills, as well as allows it to train commands such as "leave" and "search".

Scent mats

As a rule, olfactory mats resemble a rug with protruding strips; more rarely, pockets and compartments are sewn into the base. Playing with the mat - from a human's point of view - is extremely simple. The dog only has to find the treats hidden in the mat. However, for our pet it is a challenge providing a lot of fun and satisfaction. The olfactory mats stimulate the dog intellectually, provide new stimuli, improve concentration and manual skills.