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Nutrition for dogs - the right food is key

4 March 2021

Correct and balanced diet is very important for the health of our pet. There are plenty of ready-made pet foods on the market and it's often very difficult to make the right choice. It is very important to personalize it according to your dog's needs, but the ingredients are also important. So how to decide on the right food and what does it mean suitable for your pet? We suggest.

Division of dog foods

The basic division of dog foods is dedicated to puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs . They differ from each other mainly in composition, which is necessary to provide the pet with necessary vitamins and nutrients. While it is very important to properly adjust the diet at any age of the dog, owners should pay special attention to this aspect from the puppyhood (if, of course, from that age they raise the animal). Properly recognizing its needs and then taking them into account is extremely important. This has a big impact on the formation of his body.

Dog food ingredients - quality matters

Quality is the most important factor that should determine our choice of dog food. It is extremely important what components make it up, their value and taste. The last factor can often cancel out even the best food if the dog is unable to eat it, so it's simply a good idea to give it a few suggestions. Not without importance is also the way of processing food, as well as the content of meat. In the diet of our four-legged friend, however, products of animal origin should dominate, while vegetable products should be its complement.

Dry food and how easy it is to eat

The shape and texture of dry food should be another factor to pay attention to. It is also important whether our dog has no trouble with its consumption. Both small and large dogs need to chew a lot. This affects the quality of their teeth and gums. However, the size of croquettes should be adjusted to their predispositions, that's why smaller croquettes are dedicated to small breeds than to big ones. However, make sure the croquettes are not too small, as they will simply be swallowed instead of chewed.

Dog food - breed size does matter

When choosing dog food you should also take breed size into account. In practice, this means that small breeds digest their food quickly and their energy requirements in relation to their body weight may be up to 60 percent higher than those of a large breed. Food for small breed dogs should be rich in protein. The calorie content is also important. The situation is similar in the case of larger pets. For them, special emphasis should also be placed on joint health. So it's worthwhile for the food to contain such ingredients as EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids. Chondroitin and glucosamine are also important.

When choosing a food, you should also take into account your dog's health condition. In case of illnesses such as, for example, obesity, diabetes or intestinal disorders or skin, gum and joint diseases, the right food should be chosen taking into account all dietary recommendations and contraindications.

There isno such thing as a perfect food for every dog. The ideal food for every dog does not exist. When choosing the right food, you should first of all take into account the individual needs of your four-legged companion. Here you need to consider both the breed, as well as activity, taste preferences, etc. Choosing a shop in which we will buy food, it is worth checking whether it has an appropriate number of proposals from which we can make a choice. It is also important whether we can count on professional advice. A good example can be https://johndog.pl/kategoria-produktu/pies/karma-przysmaki-dla-psa/karma-sucha-dla-psa/.