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Can dandruff affect your dog too?

7 April 2021

Very many people face the problem of dandruff that settles on their hair and clothes. This also applies to animals that live together with you at home. For example, dogs are a common example of this condition. What is the cause of its formation? How to treat its effects, and also should you worry about it? The following article will provide answers to these questions.

Dandruff in a dog

Dandruff is nothing more than epidermis, which, as a result of improper work of the sebaceous glands, falls off the skin and remains a dubious decoration of the hair, and in the case of dogs, the coat. It is often accompanied by excessive amount of sebum, which is secreted as a result of skin dryness.

Dandruff in dogs - causes

In most cases, the formation of dandruff is the result of using the wrong cosmetics. Bathing shampoos for dogs may not only be the cause of allergy, but also dry out the skin and thus lead to the formation of dandruff.

Another reason may be improper diet of our pet. Food poor in amino acids, or unsaturated fatty acids, will play the biggest role here. So it is not worth saving on dog food. A good diet is a guarantee of proper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Good to know

Stress is often responsible for the deregulation of the endocrine system (resulting in dandruff). Dogs that are subjected to stressful situations may be at risk for dandruff.

how to treat dandruff in a dog

Dandruff in dogs - treatment

If we find that the problem is not yet so advanced that it would be necessary to consult a specialist, such as a veterinarian, we can try to deal with dandruff ourselves. The most important thing is to properly adjust the dog's diet. Every breeder knows very well that the animal should receive food rich in amino acids and all kinds of vitamins, so that the body will be properly nourished. But you shouldn't overdo it with the amount of fats and preservatives in food.


To properly take care of a dog suffering from dandruff, you can also add a tablespoon of olive oil or linseed to its food. Both these ingredients have a very good effect on the condition of the skin. Moreover, they help in proper oiling of the epidermis.

What you bathe your dog with is also very important. If it is the simplest and cheapest shampoo from the market, we should consider changing it for a shampoo for dogs with allergies. It should contain moisturizing and soothing substances. You can also add baby oil to the shampoo.

If independent attempts to eliminate dandruff in dog do not succeed, we will be forced to consult a vet. Only he will be able to determine the real cause of its formation and also exclude some complications such as ringworm, which may affect the health of your pet.

Certainly, the problem of dandruff in a dog should not be underestimated. This can lead to quite a lot of consequences that will be dangerous for the animal.