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Diarrhea in dogs - the most common causes and treatment

14 April 2021

When sometimes a person is poisoned by something, eats something bad, or mixes together unsuitable ingredients, he has a real revolution in his stomach - and it results in vomiting or diarrhoea. In animals it is also nothing strange, so every owner of, for example, a dog must reckon with the fact that it can occur. It is worth knowing how to act then, to bring the animal relief - and quickly solve the problem!

Diarrhea in dogs

Diarrhea in a dog is an ailment associated with more frequent than usual need to pass stool, which is diluted and has a different color and smell. It may also contain for example mucus, pus or even blood. Usually diarrhea doesn't last long, but it always indicates some unusual condition - but it should worry first of all when it has a chronic character. And this is both in people and in dogs. So if your dog has diarrhea, you should watch him carefully to see if it's an acute, violent and brief affliction, or if it enters a chronic phase.

Diarrhea is particularly dangerous in puppies because they are less immune than adult dogs. Always diarrhea leads to weakness of the animal, but if we are dealing with a chronic condition can lead to dehydration. So when the diarrhea lasts more than 14 days, the diarrhea can be considered chronic. Often its cause is very serious problems, so it is worth consulting a specialist quickly!

diarrhea in a dog causes

Diarrhea in dogs - causes

Diarrhea in dogs can occur for many different reasons. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the cause if the affliction appears suddenly. Usually, however, owners can more or less determine what may have contributed to its occurrence. The main causes that cause diarrhea in dogs include intolerance to a certain food or food allergy (yes, dogs can have them too), or ingestion of spoiled food. However, viral diseases, vaccinations, the administration of a deworming agent, or the dog taking medication that his body does not tolerate come next.

What's interesting, diarrhea in dogs - just like in people - can also be connected with being under a lot of stress. It can also be that in the digestive system of the animal found some foreign body, which is the cause of abnormal digestion.

Diarrhea in dog - treatment

When our pet feels bad, we want to deal with his problem as soon as possible and bring him relief. The basis is to replenish water and electrolytes that the dog loses with diarrhea. It's worth to leave the food for 24 hours or give the animal linseed gruel, smecta or medicinal charcoal. If after that time we start to give the dog slowly digestible food and we notice improvement, we don't have to worry about anything. But if the dog didn't improve, or we even notice the worsening of his condition, we should go with him to the doctor. Maybe the causes of diarrhea are more serious than we think - so it's worth that the animal was examined by a vet.