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How do you calm your dog down after playing?

23 February 2021

Whether it's a wild chase in the forest or crazy play in the meadow, an energetic dog needs a good dose of activity to satisfy its needs. But when it's time to go home, it turns out that the dog doesn't want to calm down at all. It starts biting and exhibits behaviors that are difficult to control. How to calm down a dog after playing?

When your dog's emotions are running wild

An excitable dog can be unpredictable. He pulls at the leash to greet his dog friends, jumps on people passing by and can be terribly pushy. Such behavior dominates especially in puppies, which is quite understandable up to a certain age. However, when an adult dog behaves this way, it's time to introduce activities that will make the dog calm down quickly.

Parallel walk

Learning to walk on a leash can be frustrating, especially with a dog that frantically rushes forward. It is worth implementing the method of parallel walks, which consists in walking on a leash with another dog's companion. The condition is to maintain a large distance between the animals - they should walk parallel. With time, the distance can be reduced, as well as letting the dogs walk at different "heights". (one of them can overtake the friend or stay more behind). Training parallel walks can be a bit tedious, but yields surprising results.

Olfactory matting

Olfactory activities are a great way to cool down your dog's emotions. Nose work is actually mental work, which can tire a dog much more effectively than the longest walk. So if your dog still has too much energy, it's a good idea to provide him with a sniffing mat with hidden treats. After just a few minutes of intensive searching, the dog can calm down and relax in its own pen. A Kong toy or a lickmata filled with dog treats (e.g. peanut paste or dog pate) will have a similar effect.

Olfactory mats are available in many online shops, but you can also make them yourself.

How about a massage?

Another idea to calm your pet down is to give him a massage. It is worth doing it a couple of minutes after a walk, when the dog has calmed down a bit. The massage should start with the ears, making gentle circular movements around the earlobes, forehead and top of the head. Then gradually massage your dog along the spine all the way to the tail. The first massages can last a few minutes, later this time may gradually increase.

It is important that the owner at the time of starting the massage is himself relaxed. Dog friends perfectly sense the emotions in man. Bad mood will certainly give the pet.

Training new commands

Most dogs love to learn new things. Introducing new commands and encouraging them with dog treats will have beneficial effects. If your dog is hyperactive and jumps, it's a good idea to teach it to stand or sit. First rewards will focus the dog's attention on getting food, which is natural for his instinct. It's a great way to calm the dog down and learn new things.

And what if, despite attempts, the pet still shows excessive energy? If the above methods don't bring any results, it's worth considering consulting an experienced behaviorist.