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A cat that is more likely to stay at home in winter - ways to fight boredom

1 June 2021

The winter season can enchant with magical views of snowy mountain tops, roadside trees and falling, shapely snowflakes. Unfortunately, short days and frost do not encourage people to spend time outside actively. Both humans and animals struggle with the same aspect. House pets, and this time we are talking about kittens, definitely less often leave their favourite places by the warm radiator. On the other hand, they still need attention, fun and contact with the owner not to get bored. Exactly... what to do so the cat won't get bored when it is grey, gloomy and cold outside?

A kitten is like a child - no playtime without toys

Between naps, our purring pet needs encouragement to play and this can be provided by all kinds of toys. Of course, they should be adjusted to his likes, character and temperament. But we're talking about the main category of toys for kittens, which usually bring a lot of fun to every kitty.

The squirmy pet will surely get excited and have more fun when he can chase and catch feathers, balls and mice. There is no shortage of such gadgets in stationary and online shops. You can look into the SklepZoologic.pl pet shop and see that the assortment is really wide. The most demanding owners, as well as the most picky kittens, will benefit from interesting toys.

Alone, with a "peer", or with the owner?

Have we already chosen the toys? Perfect! There is one small "but". Our cat will not play alone forever. He needs moments spent just in his own time, playing hunt, where he will feel like a winner because he won't be competing with anyone. He also equally needs the attention of his owner. There is a time for solitary play, but also a time to spend together to strengthen the bond. There is a reason why people say that it is necessary to maintain healthy relations between pets and people.

There is no need to look for obstacles in this task. It is enough to use toys, which the kitten used to play with on its own. If it was a ball, which he rolled on the floor, the next time the owner can toss it, hide, do with it actually anything to engage. Instead of a ball, take a fishing rod with a feather on the end, which the cat will have to reach and catch.

The last point is time spent with "peers". The kitten can perfectly play with other purrs. For that purpose it is worth to choose an elaborate scratching post, which will provide enough space for each kitty. With a place for rest, nap, lazy lying, climbing. Playing on the scratching post is quite beneficial for the kitty's health, as it allows him to stretch out, to hook his claws into the column wrapped tightly with sisal, so that the kitty can leave his scent, marking the area. Choosing a scratching post for the winter season also means reducing the risk of interest in the Christmas tree, which kittens tend to adore, but that adoration often ends in a big mess.

Features of ideal cat toys

Toys for cats have to be chosen according to very similar criteria that we use when buying toys for our kids. A gadget for a kitten should enable it to spend its time pleasantly, but also to develop properly. The toy should be made of high-quality material, safe, durable and suited to the character of the kitten. A toy chosen in such a way will serve for a long time, it will not let the kitten get bored too quickly, and in the winter time it will be an invaluable way to get rid of chilliness, which can afflict even the family pet.