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Looking for cat food? Check what to look for

18 March 2021

The cat's diet, just like a human's, should be well-balanced and rich in nutrients. This is why it should be tailored to your cat's individual needs. What cat food should you choose to meet your cat's requirements in 100%? Check what you should pay attention to when choosing the best cat food. We invite you to read on.

First of all, read the composition of cat food

The composition of cat food is the most important consideration when choosing food for your pet. The first place in the composition of pet food should of course be animal protein. It is the basic component of the diet of these carnivores and can not be replaced by anything. It can be chicken, turkey, trout, tuna or salmon. It's good for your cat's food to be supplemented with other valuable ingredients, which will provide your pet with what it needs at the moment. These should also include vegetables, fruits, flaxseed, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Such food you will find in the offer of the online store Titanum Grey: https://titanumgrey.pl/.

Wet or dry food?

Cat owners often think that they can limit themselves to feeding only wet or dry food - depending on the cat's preferences. Nothing more misleading. Both wet and dry food are very important in the diet of your furry friends, because these two products complement each other. You can, of course, use them interchangeably to add variety to your kitten's diet. However, you must remember that wet food is less caloric than dry food, so it can be a good option for gourmands who love to eat a lot. Make sure to keep the right proportions. Adult cats should eat 4-5 servings of food per day.

What else is important when choosing cat food?

Cat food should be well suited to your cat's preferences. What does this mean in practice? Well, it is important to choose food, which will take into account the age of the pet. It is important to choose a cat food that will take into account the age of the animal, as one will be suitable for juniors, another for adult cats and another for seniors. The breed of the cat, its weight and health condition should also be taken into consideration. Lifestyle is also important and whether the cat is outgoing or stays at home. The last point concerns only cats that are pregnant or nursing little ones. They should be fed a food that gives them more energy, or one with an extra portion of protein. In this case, wet food is ideal.